Evaluate the Lawn Sprinkler System Before Installing Them to Enhance the Landscaping Effect

The days of hoses stretching all over the garden landscape are virtually over. Today, you seldom see them anywhere. Does that mean that no one waters the lawns today? How can it be possible to have lush green grass everywhere without ever seeing anyone water it? The answer is simple. The advancements made by technology have allowed us to use lawn sprinklers installed below the surface of the ground thereby making them invisible to the naked eye. You can cause the gardening tools to surface any time you wish to water the lawns. Such a fantastic system is bound to have its benefits and drawbacks.

Let us look at the benefits in brief before discussing the disadvantages as well.

Benefits of having a lawn sprinkler system:

  • Naturally, you save a lot of time and labour. You can do the watering at your convenience without causing any problems to anyone. There is no need to employ anyone to water the lawns. Hence, you reduce operational cost especially in the days when such manual labour is scarce.
  • You do not disturb the landscape as you install the system below the ground. There are specific places where you cause the sprinkler to emerge at the time of watering and retract after the process is over. Thus, no one realises the presence of the sprinkler system below the ground.
  • The hoses are not all over the place. Hence, there is no chance of anyone, especially the children and aged people from tripping and falling over. It is an excellent addition to the gardens especially those people who have children and pets at home.
  • You can set the timings and forget about the job. The system switches on and off automatically.
  • You have directional nozzles that can spray water in specific directions. Thus you can prevent the unnecessary watering of the driveways and keep them dry and free from accidents.

You have seen some of the benefits of using these systems. Now, you should also be aware of the negative aspects as well. There are certain inherent disadvantages of using these lawn sprinklers.

Disadvantages of using this system:

  • The expenses involved in installing the system can be a deterrent factor for many. However, commercial establishments see the brighter side of things as they get to avoid hiring manual labour. Installing these landscape tools can benefit the establishments in the long run.
  • You need to dig your way through the lawns and install the system. It requires you to do a repair job later on. It can also make the greens unusable for extended periods.
  • There is a danger of pipes getting damaged when you lay them below the ground. Installing quality pipes bought from reputed gardening supplies stores can solve this issue.
  • There are chances of underground pests and insects damaging the water delivery systems. The repairs can again involve digging up the lawns and defacing the landscape.

In spite of these disadvantages, the benefits of installing the system are more. Hence, you find more people switching over to installing such landscape and gardening systems in place.